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We select sports organizations and athletic products (Including IT) to invest in based on the following criteria.


1. Will WSV's involvement add immediate value to the company? Will our involvement pour rocket fuel onto a company that is likely to succeed. 

2.  Do we like the owners? Building a business has many up's and downs. We need feel comfortable that we have a strong relationship with our business partners. 


3. Is there a chance we will see a return on our investment?


4. Does the product or service help people beyond your community? Is it possible to have global impact?


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  • Step 2: Select Plan 

  • Step 3: Issue Payment 

  • Step 4: Schedule Consultation

  • Step 5: Schedule Testing Dates

  • Step 6: Receive Results

  • Step 7: Follow Up


  • Jim McCrossin - Head of Sports Medicine for the Philadelphia Flyers

  • Robyn McCrossin - Owner of Vincera Rehab and Physical Therapist

  • Jeremiah White - Entrepreneur, former professional soccer player and US Men's National Team Player