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Powerful Collaborations

Current Projects

No matter if it’s a great idea or a magnificent team of founders, we become invested with each of the businesses we work with right from the very start. Check out some of the great companies we’ve partnered with. Whether they manage a successful exit, or pivot their ideas and goals, we’re proud of each team we’ve worked with.

WSV Elite

Soccer Programming

WSV Elite Soccer is the soccer programming arm of White Sports Ventures. All programs developed under the WSV brand are sure to be the most innovative and substantial programs available.


Semi-Professional and Youth Soccer

Formed in 2017, Atlantic City FC plays home games at the main campus of Stockton University and have plans for a specialist venture on Bader Field, Atlantic City. The team plays in the NPSL League.

Vincera Rehab

A Terrific Partnership

Abdomen, hip or pelvic pain can often go under-diagnosed or undiagnosed due to the anatomical complexity of this region. Vincera's team of specialists has developed a treatment model that integrates specialists and services, encouraging a complete care approach.

S3 Soccer

Strength and speed training with soccer specific skill development. 

​S3 is defined by the following​​

- We are the best at relating all training exercises to the game of soccer. 

- Former professionals as trainers

- Injury risk assessments available through our partners

- We understand that strength training should focus on injury prevention first and performance enhancement second.