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The program effectivness survey is a tool that allows:


1. Coaches: to gain insight into how their coaching style and environment influences players in the 6 key child developmental cateagories.  


2. Clubs: to collect feedback on coaches methods for child development within a socer developmental environment. 


3. Parents: to understand how much time and attention clubs and coaches place on using soccer as a tool for child development vs accumulating wins and losses at all costs.


4. Players: a professionally designed series of un-biased questions will help them define their environment soccer development and describe its merits.


-The implications of this survey are that parents will be able to better decide which club and or coach will deliver the type of program most important to the paying customer (parents). 


-This survey will hold clubs and coaches accountable for child development in a way that current assessments and parent meeting structures do not.


-Our tests have been created by psychologists that work with young athletes and professional leagues (NFL). 


-All assessments are written by experts at the top of the field of child development and sports psychology.

Program Effectiveness Assessment (Parents and Players)

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