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I am starting a new club. This is why...

I have been a youth soccer coach for 3 years. In that time my teams have helped me earn a Coach of the Year award, a national championship appearance, and state and regional titles.

My coaching career began at a large mid-level club based in southeastern Pennsylvania. The club attracts a decent amount of talent due to the size of the local community. By age 12-13, more talented players leave the club due to the lack of quality fields, elite level coaching, and the presence of more ambitious clubs and academies within a 1 hour drive.

My background as a player includes three trips to the Youth National Championships and one national title. I was 3x first team all ACC & All-American, ACC Player of the year and Herman Trophy candidate at Wake Forest University. I had an 8 year professional career in Europe, The Middle East and MLS as well as stint with the USA Men's Senior National Team.

My playing history helped the club not only retain some of the talent that usually leaves but also attract a significant amount of talent from the local academy programs.

At the request of many of the players, I set out to implement a more rigorous training program that included training 4x per week and a fund raising effort to cover the cost of a GK coach and speed strength and agility training.

Initially I believed that talent retention and an improved training model would be embraced by the club's leadership. It was not.

The next day I received a call from the club's administration telling me that an elite training program is not in line with the club's mission.

After more discussion, it was clear that I needed to start my own club and we parted ways.

I immediately realized several things. 1) There is a market for players looking for academy level training that want to play HS soccer. 2) There is a market for players looking for academy level training that want to play other sports. 3) I enjoy the process of developing players that have the potential to be high level players, but have been set aside for one reason or another. 4) As a coach, I want to work with players that are ambitious and hungry for improvement.

The WSV Elite Soccer Mission Statement:

WSV serves players and families that want an intensive developmental environment with firm operating principles and values.

WSV Elite Soccer Club is for:

High level players that: (a) love the game (b) watch the game (c) want to excel in soccer (d) agree to follow the club model

Parents who: (a) understand and/or are ready to learn the game (b) are prepared to work together to support players (c) agree to follow the club model

Coaches who: (a) see themselves as teachers first (b) are ready to serve players every day (c) played professionally (d) agree to follow the club model

I pitched my vision for the club and an overwhelming number of players and parents support it. Now I have infrastructure, sponsorship, and the support of families that have been looking for what I plan to offer. I have found my niche and I plan on making this environment a special one.

WSV Elite Soccer Club will begin in 2018 with a boys 2003 age group team.

More teams will follow based on interest.

For more information visit and

Tryouts will be May 4th and 11th @ Aim Academy

Tryout registration link -

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