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6 Nuggets Pt. 1

1. Many soccer coaches view weight training as the best way to make the body stronger. Training with weights focuses on pure strength and often only one group of muscles is exercised at a time. Soccer players must be able to translate their strength into soccer situations.

2. Right footed players usually shoot harder with their right foot than their left. One might naturally think that a harder shot is the result of a stronger right leg, but right footed players usually jump with their left foot when heading the ball.

3. Usually the right and left leg are equal in terms of their basic strength. For a right footed player, basic strength is applied better in the left leg when the player jumps, and the reverse is the case when he shoots.

4. Soccer strength and conditioning is not about developing bigger and stronger muscles but improving technique, speed and coordination of various soccer movements.

5. Speed is perhaps the most important physical attribute required for a modern soccer player. However, a player needs more than just pure speed, he/she needs timing, balance tactical understanding.

6. Many people forget that almost everything you do as a soccer player involves standing on one leg.