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How clubs silence coaches

Coaches have told me that they don't push for improvements at their clubs for fear of being blackballed.

In the past, parents have turned against me for informing them that their clubs objective was to monetize their child and did not care about development.

Some clubs are skilled in the art of skulduggery. If they keep a parent uneducated, he/she becomes easier to control in an environment where scarcity appears to exist.

Giving parents a full picture of the soccer landscape, an understanding of player development and arming them with the knowledge needed to choose a club based on it's merits rather than politics, scarcity or lies is disastrous for some clubs.

I tried to help by exposing the individuals intentionally causing stress in parents and players lives by misleading them. Sadly, some of the people I tried to protect, positioned themselves against me.

I am a soccer purist and believe that anyone simply trying to monetize youth soccer in our country without trying to make more people understand, love, or enjoy the game should find another profession.

It is ok to make money in soccer, but not through deceit.

Clubs that view a fully educated soccer parent as an obstacle to their ability to make money are toxic and should have their doors closed.

All clubs that make families feel dependent and tell kids they can't make it from point a to b without being in the club, only to monetize them.....should be closed.

The very worst administrators are the ones that have played soccer at a reasonable level or that come from abroad and look and sound the like they are for the good of the players, families and the game at large. They use their experience or accent as a way to gain trust, but are solely interested monetizing their experience/accent and give nothing back to the community. To me, this is the worst type of person.... pretending to be something they're not.


And empowering....

When you have awareness, you become responsible. The truth is a heavy burden and the truth teller often gets wounded. The person that speaks truth to power often has to fight against the people that lie. Truth tellers and liars do not fight the same fight. Truth tellers won't do what liars will.

How do you protect yourself?

How do you encourage good coaches to speak up to change their environment when it could cost them a job?

Share your thoughts....

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