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The Cost of ACL Surgery

The Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine produced a document outlining the cost of outpatient ACL surgery. The economic effects are tremendous.

1. The median procedure cost is $9,399.49

2. The total utilization cost is $13,403.38.

3. In 2010, musculoskeletal problems resulted in an estimated 170 billion in health care spending.

4. 25% of all ACL patients are under the age of 18

5. 65% of ACL reconstructions had concomitant procedures.

6. Patients with concomitant ligament reconstruction (MCL and LCL) had a higher procedure cost of $17,006.34

7. The increased cost of health care and the fact that patients who sustain an ACL injury are at risk for a second injury make the need for injury prevention programs more important.

8. The Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that prevention is necessary to reduce injuries and the cost burden on the healthcare industry.

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