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WSV Elite White Paper

At WSV SC, our developmental objective is to build teams of pedigree that are competitive on a consistent basis.

To accomplish this, we have implemented a developmental system.

While our coaches will make adjustments during games for the teams benefit, they will never abandon our developmental rubric.

Training to win a single game is not the same as training to win a series of games throughout the course of a season.

WSV SC follows a system of development that tunes our players character, cooperation, focus, responsibility and execution.

Our System of Development Involves The Following Elements:

Guided Self Discovery - Find the players true motivation for playing?

Planning Trinity - Coach, parent and players go through our planning process. Kid's plans involve parental investment.

Macro and Micro Goals Sheet - Hierarchy of improvement. Longterm goals, mid-term goals, week to week objectives and day to day tasks. The key is to start small.

Group Training 3x per Week - We improve the team by playing as much as possible. To produce differing training effects, we manipulate the field, number of players and or rules.

Individual Training 1x per Week - Our kids don't often take the initiative or lack the space to train individually. We help them by building this time into the schedule. We have movement training and ball skill improvement as well.

Friendly Training Matches​ - Test matches allow us to manipulate the performance environment so learning can be accomplished in a competitive environment

Competitive Matches - Games that matter are critical for measuring technical and tactical progress. Other qualities such as character, leadership, cooperation and resiliency are given the opportunity to show-up under pressure during meaningful competition.

Injury Prevention Training - We prevent injuries by staying strong. We work with an injury prediction company to help us uncover musculoskeletal deficiencies that might require an alteration in a players training plan.

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