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Illegal Social Media Activity Young Athletes Must Avoid.

Social networking is a great way to communicate with existing friends, make new friends and get information. It's a fantastic tool that allows us to communicate in an unprecedented capacity.

However, the positive aspects of social media have a dark side. There are types of online activity that have significant legal consequences. Those of you that have the potential to play sports in college or professionally need to commit the information in this post to memory.


  1. PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES - SENDING AND RECEIVING sexually explicit images or video of minors (EVEN OF YOURSELF if under 18) is illegal.

  2. SEXTING - Sexting a minor is illegal....even if you are a minor.

  3. CYBER BULLYING - All states have various criminal laws that might apply to bullying behaviors, depending on the nature of the act. All states have criminal harassment and/or stalking statutes, and most include explicit reference to electronic forms.

  4. Uploading pictures or video of you or others participating in illegal activity

  5. Obsessively sending messages and friend requests to people that do not want to be in contact with you.

  6. Downloading and sharing pirated movies and music

Important Details:

  • If you are 17.5 years of age and send a sexually explicit photo or video, that is still considered disseminating child pornography….AKA a federal crime.

  • If the phone an image is sent from is owned by a parent, THE PARENT BECOMES AN ACCESSORY TO THE CRIME.

  • Sexting between minors is a misdemeanor rather than a felony and the minor offender will not have to register as a sex offender.