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My Old Notes | On Success

These notes are from my playing career. I found them in an old notebook from years ago. It's fantastic to see what was going through my then. These comments focus on success. I hope some of these resonate.

- You can't do what sufferers do when you have talent. Accepting responsibility is native to the successful.

-Sports support character and they characterize a type of individual. Too many do not know this when they begin their careers.

-Don't require people to operate above board. Assholes grumble. Honest people will lift you up.

-Tie yourself to the work until you drop.

-There is no such thing as coincidence to people who know what they are doing. Someone with character will subdue that type of thinking.

-When you are battle tested, people cant stand the heat of your words when challenged.

-It is difficult for others to stand down when challenged, but proof is proof.

-Stick with outstanding minds as often as possible.

-Small minds are small minds.

-You can't talk about character to a person with no character.

-Every-time I use my intuition, I prove something. Many can't see or arrange my vision until the work is done

-Most parents will have to let talented children develop into something they have never been.

-Never dangle a carrot in front of someone. Show them how to plow the field.

-When the successful handle people, lives become successful by association. These people have clarity of a gift and understand transference of power and understanding.

-Everyone has to continually prove their pedigree and position. Never let that surprise you.

-In the game that I play, I have left hoards of people behind. I have knowingly created carnage for my competition and those that could not live up to the standard.

-You should seek short term success, but if you don't plan for long term success, the next generations will suffer.

-Some think success is mostly luck. They don't see success as talent. Where does a good song come from? It's a mystery to those that don't have talent.

-If people imitate your model, they may never get as far as you do.

-People want to associate with success, but many don't sincerely want the formula that will bring them success.

-When a successful person lends creativity to a situation, they clear mental fog and their volition expresses creativity before knowing the exact steps to take. Out of the height of trouble comes a way of expression, adaptation and a show of strength. Hellen Keller understood this. Human volition will express itself no matter what, as long as there is life.

In my life, there have been moments where success was evident. I accomplished my childhood dreams of becoming a professional athlete, entrepreneur, father and marrying my childhood sweetheart. I am in the process of pursuing my new dreams. The journey of doing so has been equal parts challenging and captivating.