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Youth Soccer Pt. 2 Leverage

The manner in which youth soccer clubs interact with their customers can be classified into two categories.

1. Dishonest: Clubs that manipulate parents ignorance and desire to provide opportunity for their kids at all costs.

2. Honest: Clubs that educate their parents, develop them into informed consumers and deliver on their value proposition.

There is a lot of money to be made playing on the imaginations and emotions of parents. Selling dreams of a college scholarship or a professional career to parents of 8-14 year olds has proven to be an effective sales strategy.

Frankly speaking, parents are willing to spend money on club fees, camps, supplemental training, trips and more in the name of pie in the sky dreams that are sold as developmental necessities.

Mission focused clubs are able to execute without benefiting from confusion. In fact, they thrive as a result of their clarity.

Clubs that run based on sound developmental values and firm operating principles have little need to unsettle their customers base by resorting to deceptive marketing.

As a parent, how do you identify clubs with integrity and clear operating principles?

You examine their value proposition.

In my next post, I will discuss value propositions and clues that help identify clubs with honest business practices.


"The Business of youth soccer" series are vignettes illustrating aspects of the business of youth soccer. These posts will be expanded into an e-book for readers interested in more in-depth subject matter such as: Club/parent financial analysis, parent/player psychology, coaching licenses, club structure, parent education, monopolies and oligopolies, youth soccer history and a variety of other topics.