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Youth Soccer Pt. 3 Value Proposition

Value propositions are the benefits a customer can expect from a product or service.

In youth soccer, a clubs value proposition is the promise that by registering (for club X), clearly defined benefits will be enjoyed.

What is valuable from the clubs perspective might not align with what is valuable to the customer.

Value propositions must be valuable to the customer(parent) and user(player). A product or service that does not connect in the market will fail. Product customer fit is a sine qua non.

Clubs have a tendency to fall in-love with their own ideas about what is important to the customer. Assumptions cause clubs to loose sight of what the customer (parent) and user(player) actually want.

How can we make the customer(parent) and user (child) experience more predictable? Is there a better approach to creating value for customers while also lowering the risk of product-market misalignment?

The answer is yes.

Clubs need to adopt a lean process that helps validate assumptions before starting or rolling out new services by creating a value map, conducting focus groups and educating the consumer. (E-mail me to discuss further)

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"The Business of youth soccer" series are vignettes illustrating aspects of the business of youth soccer. These posts will be expanded into an e-book for readers interested in more in-depth subject matter such as: Club/parent financial analysis, parent/player psychology, coaching licenses, club structure, parent education, monopolies and oligopolies, youth soccer history and a variety of other topics.