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Becoming FC Delco

The story of FC Delco’s past is rich with individual and team success. Those of us that experienced playing for Mike Gorni, Sam Holt, Rob Smith, John Hingley, Rob Hurley, Alan Metzger and many more developed under their tutelage within a culture that normalized excellence.

Skill is what made FC Delco great, not the name. The skill of the players and coaches were the ingredients that translated success. Players and coaches understood that commitment and sacrifice are the same thing. Winning became infectious.

To resurrect the name and memory of FC Delco binds its future members to a standard of excellence that only the top clubs and academies in the country will manage to experience and sustain. Newly minted Delco players find themselves in the shadows of previous generations that brought national dominance to southeastern Pennsylvania.

Yes, bringing the name back reintroduces a rich soccer history to the current generation. However, replicating the success of old is at best, unlikely. It would be a mistake to offer such a value proposition given the structure of our local soccer environment.

So, what will the brand represent? What will constitute FC Delco 2.0? The space between mistakes and consequences can be extended by unearned prestige. The way to evolve is to move away from dependency and allow necessity, creativity and innovation to re-define.

Now that FC Continental is FC Delco, I want the brand “FC DELCO” to maintain its prestige. As a Hall of Famer and National Champion, I am eager to see how Continental executes its transition into “being FC Delco”.

I wish everyone involved the best of luck.

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