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Soccer concepts you should understand pt. 2


As players improve their ability on the ball, their confidence grows. As they experience success, their confidence grows. Lasting confidence comes through improving. As we enhance our players’ skills, we are directly reinforcing their psychological resolve. We are also helping them become better students. As skill noticeably improves, the amount of resistance to learning new skills diminishes.

Development Requires Bravery:

Players must be comfortable being uncomfortable. Instructors must continually encourage players to embrace degrees of risk and be brave. It requires bravery to embrace skill development.

Instructors must be well versed in the levels of learning and continually encourage them to explore risk. This approach will help build mental resilience in young players as they grow in the game.


A player with a greater understanding and appreciation of the game will ultimately enjoy the game more and will put more time into improving himself/herself. A player that enjoys the soccer, will dedicate time to observing the game, which will only accelerate their learning.

General Mindset:

Attitude is everything. Mindset, next to technical skill development, is the most important factor in becoming a complete player. A player with a strong mindset develops faster, deals with pressure more effectively, and ultimately ends up performing at a higher level. Mindset is the medium that allows the other factors of skill, athleticism, and soccer IQ to be utilized to maximum effect.

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